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Common Nature

At INUKBAGS, making bags is our calling. We share this journey through INUKBAGS inspired by nature and inspired by those who have come before us. Those who lived in ancient times used more primary bags made for their lives. In that spirit we create bags for today's everyday life.

Nature can be obvious. Forests, oceans, and the stars. In the wilderness we are immersed in nature. But most of us live in an urban landscape and it’s all around us there too. Nature can surprise us. A patch of green on a city corner. A sudden rain. A bird flying overhead.

No matter how we find it, we connect with it. We share it. We protect it.

This is our Common Nature!

We are Global Bag makers

At INUKBAGS, we are a collection of bag makers—with deep industry experience, from different parts of the world, affiliated with different bag brands. We met in the outdoor and travel industry. As fate would have it, we came together to work on something special and INUKBAGS was born. As global citizens, we are very concerned about our earth’s environment being under siege. Our climate is deteriorating from a lack of sustainable consciousness and abuse. Although we are from different countries, we share the same planet. It will take a global effort to protect and restore our climate. We have made a commitment to making the best bags and doing it with a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing and business processes. We want to protect the Common Nature we share.

We are from:

Vancouver, BC: Our Vancouver, British Columbia headquarter heads up our product development, engineering as well as global business development.

Paradise, California: Our design team is led by a father and daughter team with more than 60 years of experience in the outdoor and fashion industries.

Leucadia, California: Our international marketing and business management efforts are coordinated by +30-year veteran in the global outdoor recreation and travel industry. A few miles away in Carlsbad, California, is where our warehouse and fulfillment center is located.

Suzhou, China: Our manufacturing operations are owned and directed in-house by a larger team based in Suzhou, an ancient city considered to be one of the most beautiful in China.

Our Values – Our Process

We challenge ourselves to make products that are durable, functional, comfortable and a great value to our customers. But we need to accomplish this in an environmentally responsible way.

Our team lives for the challenge of making innovative bags that are thoughtful about our environmental impact and our common responsibility. We are confident in our expertise to design and develop great product, as we learn the best methods to protect our environment. From custom details, our purpose driven designs, our quality manufacturing of hand selected fabrics; our team takes a lot of pride in every step.

Maybe we can change the world, one bag at a time.


Once the design work of the project was completed, the sample room and vendors worked hard on getting the designs just right. (INUKBAGS has always been a favorite project in the sample room because they can add on their own creative ideas, just to make it better.) A short amount of months later, the bags will be up on the website any day now and ready to sell. When they are up, check them out here.