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Listen to Your Mother. The Earth is Calling.

Listen to Your Mother. The Earth is Calling.

Mother Earth inspires us every day to strive and do better. Mother’s Day does not exclude anyone: human moms, cat moms, dog moms, people with moms, and people who appreciate moms are welcome to recognize our Mother Earth on her day. Her well-being is the reason why we use recycled materials and are working with organizations to plant trees for each bag sold. 

On Mother’s Day, stores are crowded, full of pink gifts with emotional messages on top, and flower shops are ready for one of their favourite dates. Yet, Mother’s Day is more than that, it is about letting mom reconnect with herself, supporting her in whatever she wants to do, listening to her, and letting her remember her #CommonNature.

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All of us want the best for our mothers’ well-being, just like they want the best for us. They are always protecting us, taking care of us, nurturing us, and loving us. It is natural to want to do the same for them. Thus, remember to cherish your moments together, thank her for what she does, let her know how special she is, and celebrate how she illuminates your everyday life.

Our Mother Earth deserves to be loved and respected. We show her our love by recycling as many plastics as we can. They become bags to help us explore and appreciate nature instead of ending up polluting her oceans or filling her landscapes. The planet hugs us and protects us, so we want to hug her, protect her back, and listen to her.

However, it seems like humanity did not call back for a long time. Now, Mother Earth is calling us to act because she is suffering. Humans have created tons of problems for her such as climate change, deforestation, ocean pollution, and plastic proliferation. Yes, change is possible, but we will only succeed if everyone does their part. Let’s show her that we can do better!

This Mother’s Day, remember that time and experiences are precious. Contact your mother, call her, listen to her, make her laugh, help her with something that she needs, and hug her to remind her how much you love her (virtual hugs count too!). The same advice applies to Mother Earth. Listen to her, listen to nature. It is the perfect time to move towards a greener and more sustainable way of living that helps to improve our planet.

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You can get a special personal 30% gift discount code to celebrate your mom and Mother Earth too! You just need to:

  1. Follow us on our Instagram account: inukbags
  2. Message us with #INUKMotherEarth

Take the first step, walk with us, and let’s improve our harmony with nature and Mother Earth!

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