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Bag by bag, deplastify Our Oceans on World Ocean Day 2022

Bag by bag, deplastify Our Oceans on World Ocean Day 2022

Plastics do not have a place in our oceans because they harm marine life, our health, and climate at a global level. We want to draw attention to the crucial, growing trouble of plastic pollution in our oceans. Even if you don’t live close to them, your life as you know it relies on them. Oceans provide food and resources for billions of humans around the world. They adjust the climate and without their help, Earth’s temperature would rise to the point we cannot live here anymore. Also, oceans produce more than half of the planet’s oxygen and are the home of thousands of species. In other words, they are vital for all the living beings on Earth, and damaging them means damaging ourselves.

However, some human activities pollute and damage our beautiful oceans. Plastic pollution is one of the main causes of the degradation and contamination of our ocean. Plastics will remain in them for centuries, creating long-term damage and diminishing the quality of life of many generations and countless sea creatures. In fact, data indicates that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. This will happen, unless we change our consumption habits.

Oceans are full of wonders to discover and see. They connect the world in a way that no other natural resource does. Oceans help to establish a community around the world who loves our blue spaces. Some come to them to experience freedom, others seek therapy, peace and balance, the more adventurous pursue new thrills, artists look for inspiration, scientists explore it to get some knowledge, and sports enthusiasts call it their temple. Whatever the reason, the oceans give us a lot, and now it is our time to give back.

Our #CommonNature propels us to protect the oceans we travel, explore, and admire. After all, they are part of who we are. It is our responsibility as humans to keep them safe and ensure future generations enjoy their infinite virtues. By protecting our oceans, we can preserve all the amazing creatures that live there, stabilize the weather of our planet, guarantee that those resources will be available in a sustainable way, and keep alive the traditions and cultures that are deeply connected to the sea.

So, our way of helping is through our recycled fabrics. We recycle plastics into durable backpacks that will stay with you for a long time and out of our beautiful water bodies. 



Some of our bags are made of 8 plastic bottles such as our Mini Koot with a 4L capacity, the always reliable Fisher shoulder bag, and our Naroy fanny pack that boasts a 3L capacity. Our 8 plastic bottles bags keep that plastic out of the global oceans while providing you with comfort, durability, usability, and great design.

Thus, on this World Ocean Day, let us all protect our global ocean by keeping plastics out of it. In fact, to celebrate World Ocean Day 2022, we will have a sale on our blue bags. The task is big, but we can do it if we work together and remember our #CommonNature. Let’s keep improving our planet, bag by bag.

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