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Best traveling backpacks under $100

Best traveling backpacks under $100

Whenever you hear the word “traveling” the first thing that hits your mind might be packing all of the important stuff. This is because more than half of your traveling experience depends on what things you carry along you. As more than half of the experience depends on the stuff, a major part of it also depends on how you are carrying your stuff. 

A backpack can significantly change your traveling experience by adding a lot of comfort and accessibility to your tour. This is because on a tour, you have to deal with things in the run-time and the body also demands a lot of comfort. But most of the people overlook this necessity because some of the fancy brands have hefty price tags on their traveling backpacks.

That is why Inukbag has some of the best traveling backpacks under a budget of $100. These will provide you all the necessities that you demand from an expensive backpack and at the same time, they will also be very budget-friendly for most of the travelers so that you can spend most of your budget on traveling and other things that matter more.


Best Travelling backpacks under $100 by Inukbag:


1. Yoho Yellow Backpack:

inuk yoho yellow backpack

This roll-top backpack can easily become your daily driven bag. This is because of its amazing features that make this bag great not only for traveling but also for daily or office college routine.

Features of this backpack:

The following are some of the amazing features of this backpack.

Secure pocket for the laptop

For most people, it is very important to keep their laptops with them all the time. This is because most of them are freelancers or creators. So, this bag features a securely padded pocket that can house your laptops.


For using the laptop on the go, that most of the travelers do, this bad will not require to open it from the top. It provides users with easy access to that laptop pocket with the help of a zip closed opening at the back.


Anti-theft pocket for keeping all your valuables

If you are the person who fears about dropping their wallets or other valuables, this can be the perfect bag for you. This is because this bag has a secret small pocket at the back that is designed for this purpose. 

No space wasted

Apart from the several pockets and compartments on the inside of the bag, there is still no space wasted on this bag because it still has 2 side pockets and one front pocket. Additionally, the roll-top can also be used as extra space if you do not roll it fully.


  • No compromise on security.
  • Easily accessible laptop and secret pocket.
  • Padded pocket for a laptop makes it great to keep different kinds of stuff in your bag without worrying.
  • Polyester build provides the necessary durability.

2. Mark-Urban Collection:

inuk urban mark

If you are not a huge fan of the traditional style of bags, this might be the best bag for you for travelling. Its more than 20-liter capacity helps you maintain the weight and size and at the same time, it manages to pack the most important stuff.

Features of this backpack:

The following are some of the amazing features of this backpack.

Detachable shoulder strap

There might be a case where you are tired of holding the bad in hands. In this case, the detachable shoulder strap that comes with this bag can be very useful. The best part is that his strap is height adjustable so that everyone can use it.

Hard bottom layer

To keep the things packed straight and safe from the impacts from the bottom side, this bag comes with a sliding panel that provides the structure to the base of the bag.


  • Internal secure pocket serves for great functionalities.
  • The bag looks and feels small but packs an unbelievable amount of luggage.
  • The wide opening zip for the main pocket provides great accessibility.

3. Blue Pilot Backpack

The color and the build of this bag make it perfect for the classy freaks. Apart from being classy, this also has a lot of pockets and features that we will discuss.

Features of this backpack:

The following are some of the amazing features of this backpack.

A lot of outer pockets

The bag comes with 2 front and 2 side pockets that can be more than enough to organize things needed while traveling.

Easily houses most of the laptop

The padded laptop sleeve of this bag can house laptops of 15-inch size. This makes it the best bag for most of the people.


  • Organization that will never feel short.
  • Back secure pocket.
  • 6-liter capacity makes it enough for most of the travelers.


Having a great traveling bag according to your taste and needs is very important. But spending a lot on getting a bag from any fancy brand is not very important. That is why we brought the top traveling backpacks under $100. 



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