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Why InukBag is the Perfect Everyday Backpack

Why InukBag is the Perfect Everyday Backpack

Backpacks no longer need to be dull and boring. With InukBags, you will have style, simplicity, functionality, and affordability in one sweet backpack. That’s a lot to pack into one backpack, but InukBags has done it.

 Yoho Backpack-Meteo Black

InukBags draws inspiration from the strong spirit of the Inuksuk. An Inuksuk is a man-made pile of stones stacked together to resemble the form of a human. These ancient arctic symbols were traditionally used to give direction on roads. They also mark hunting areas, fishing spots, and gathering points. This symbol of friendship, hope and safety is what has inspired the uniqueness and functionality of our backpacks.  



The colors and imagery that the team at InukBags are inspired by always results in a backpack that is like no other. With an InukBags Backpack, you will stand out in a large group. We also offer you the ability to customize your very own bag with our PAINT-A-PACK Collection. When you purchase from this collection, you will get your backpack with 7 indelible colored markers. You can use these markers to color your unique InukBags backpack, designed by us and you. Display what’s special about you every day with an InukBags backpack.




Tired of the same old backpack designs and styles. Well, InukBags breaks the monotony of traditional backpacks. We have designs and sizes that will perfectly fit the occasion while complementing your style. Our PRIMARY backpacks are simple, colorful, and packed with style. Are you in search of a more contemporary yet functional styling?  Select one of the designs in our URBAN collection. Looking for a backpack that can handle wet environments and support your adventurous spirit, our water-resistant and strong backpacks from our KUUL 20 collection will be perfect for you. The great variety of backpacks that we provide will have you satisfied every day.



This is a major point of focus here at InukBag. What is variety, uniqueness, and style without quality? We believe that your backpack should be able to support you through thick and thin. With that in mind, each backpack is designed from material that highly durable. You will not need to worry about your backpack failing you when you purchase one of our products. The strength of our backpacks makes our products perfect for everyday use.


InukBag is pleased to provide you with the backpack that is just for you. Your daily backpack should capture your style, offer functionality and be durable enough for a simple trip to the classroom, to another country or to the beautiful outdoors. InukBag has you covered for all your everyday activities.

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