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What to Look for When Buying a Roll-Top Backpack

What to Look for When Buying a Roll-Top Backpack

What type of backpack do you buy? We think we can help with that. Behold, the roll-top backpack!

What Is a Roll-Top Backpack?

Made in the style of the durable bags that bike messengers used to use, rock-top backpacks are made using abrasion-resistant fabric. Their signature feature is the rolled top that allows easy access to a roomy interior. There is an adjustable roll-top buckle closure on each side, making sure all the contents on the inside are secure, while still providing a quick and easy way to get to them.


Roll-top backpacks are seeing a resurgence lately, especially in the adventure and urban-sport communities. There’s a lot more hikers, bikers, and students walking around with roll-top backpacks instead of the other options available.

What to Look for in a Roll-Top Backpack


When shopping around for one of these, you’re going to want to look for a few things. Here are the features of a great roll-top backpack:


  • Top Compression – A backpack with a roll-top that gets rid of unnecessary empty space will roll up excess fabric when the backpack is closed. This makes it less bulky while being more compact.
  • Large Opening – The massive opening at the top of a roll-top backpack means it’s very convenient to get into and see what’s inside. Reaching in and pulling something, or putting something away, is a breeze.
  • Multipurpose – If you’re unsure just how much room you need, no problem! Given how you can roll the top of the backpack to make it smaller, you can be prepared for any situation you need it for. Simply adjust the rolled-up top as needed.
  • Fewer Breakable Zippers – We all know how zippers can fail on us sometimes. Thankfully, roll-top backpacks have very few of them. These are the weakest component of any backpack, so minimizing the number of zippers makes it more secure.


Make Life Easy and Get a Roll-Top Backpack


A roll-top backpack helps you carry what you need with ease. You’ll still have enough pockets for everything you need to access quickly, while having a spacious top opening to access bigger things more easily. Our Yoho line of roll-top backpacks in our Primary Collection is a shining example of this type of backpack. Roll-top backpacks are incredibly popular today, so jump on this trend that makes life easier for you whenever you need to carry something.


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