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A Day With Inuk Fisher at The Day of Dead in Mexico City

A Day With Inuk Fisher at The Day of Dead in Mexico City

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The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition celebrated on November 1 and 2 in which the dead are honored. It originated as a syncretism between Catholic celebrations (especially All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day) as well as the various customs of the indigenous people of Mexico.

Today our friend Diego Loza, a plastic art and tattoo artist, takes us to the zocalo, the heart of Mexico City, to visit the national museum of cultural art and the plaza Tolsá. At the national museum is a calavera exhibit and an offering table filled with the cempasúchil flower. On the Day of the Dead, the scent of the cempasúchil flower is believed to guide the souls of the departed on the way to the offering table awaiting them in the world of the living. Photos of the great artists are displayed on the wall. In the “COCO” animation, family members come to our world and have the party with us. And on the offering table, there were all the things they like during their lives.


Day of the dead inukbags

day of the dead candles

day of the dead skulls

Afterwards, we arrive at the Plaza Tolsá. We hear the rhythm of the drums in the distance and see the dancing of groups of Aztec dancers. The Aztec dance is to honor the gods and to form a link with the cosmos is the general objective of the dance of the concheros. The steps are dedicated to harvest, fertility, earth, fire and water.

As the elements we have in common nature. We are accompanied by the InukBags Fisher during the journey of the day. The InukBags Primary Collection: Fisher Backpack can hold your daily essentials like your cellphone, iPad and other small things. This shoulder backpack easily goes with any outfit, and can be carried on various occasions, such as hiking, working, campus carrying and so on. The strap of this bag is removable and adjustable, you can wear it as a crossbody handbag or a shoulder bag. It really is perfect for those sunny days when carrying a handbag is not an option. Naturally, it becomes well suited for both traveling and everyday use. 

day of the dead celebration

praying at day of the dead

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Diego Loza


Diego Loza (tattoo artist)

His work is influenced by pop surrealism (lowbrow) and street art, mainly through visual metaphors or symbols of his own and others, usually from popular culture. “I seek to link the viewer with a language that little by little I am making my own, although I never talk about the same subject, human nature, is always present in my work, without moral acceptations, as a natural and animal flow that flows through us as by the cause of a river. ” – Diego Loza


Diego Loza Artwork

Lately, he has been working on a collection of series, or theme, that deals with the visual narrative through the juxtaposition of images- the possibility of new forms within the forms themselves, the journey in time and the offset of space in the same body, the construction of oneself, through the visual index of one’s own self, which perhaps orders, accommodates, registers, or perhaps generates new content within the construction of the self, at the same time as it constructs, deconstructs, making everyone who observes participate in a process of life that begins and dies again and again to exist in the present.

“Also, memory, identity, my childhood, play an important role in the imaginary of my work, showing me specific moments and characters of my childhood. In order to decode them in my process, as symbols of my own life. in terms of media or techniques, I do not limit myself to the use of a single material.”


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