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InukBags Celebrates International Women’s Day

InukBags Celebrates International Women’s Day

How can we remember our #CommonNature on IWD?


This month at InukBags we want to celebrate IWD (International Women’s Day) by helping to create a more gender-balanced world and raise awareness against gender inequality. That is why we will celebrate and highlight women all over the world that defy gender roles. These powerful women have overcome all kinds of problems and helped bring balance instead of more gender discrimination. Even if their stories are different, they are not afraid to challenge stereotypes and look for chances to make other women shine.

Now more than ever is the time to reduce and erase gender inequality. We need to remember that our Common Nature makes us look for balance- that means to have the same opportunities for everyone, to discuss what is wrong, and to find what we can do to be better. Of course, women should not face any kind of obstacles because of their gender identity, to begin with. Yes, we’ve come a long way on women’s rights, but there is still a long way to go. So, let's remember that our differences are what makes us strong- not divisive. Diversity is key to reaching any goal, and gender is no exception. Especially at InukBags.



In nature, if finding success means breaking barriers it will be done because barriers can protect, but they also mark limits. Imagine what kinds of things we can do without them? So, we will celebrate women to make progress on gender inequality and remember our common nature.

Look forward to our interviews celebrating IWD!

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