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The Urban Environment And Indigenous Cultures

The Urban Environment And Indigenous Cultures

The urban environment and our developed world is a chaotic place. We are constantly on the go, reliant on being plugged in to a device and bombarded with media 24/7. We can rarely unplug and yet we strive for more.

Yet, in the world there are still many indigenous people that live the way they always have, simply and efficiently, while maintaining a peaceful balance of life.These peoples and their methods of survival and living with a connection to the land and the earth has survived off of centuries-old methods that are tried and true.

This is the crux of our INUK Carry Culture. And in this developed world, the indigenous peoples and their cultures hold many methods and lessons that we can appreciate and utilize towards our future and daily life. We have a lot to learn from them.

At Inuk we celebrate and highlight the indigenous peoples and their cultures. We admire their simplicity, lifestyle and connection to nature and the earth. We want to do our part to share these cultures, their values and stories with the developed world for us all to learn from and appreciate.

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