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Review | 5 Must have packs from INUKBAGS family

Review | 5 Must have packs from INUKBAGS family

Sustainable fashion does not only involve clothes. Backpacks are not only trendy and fashionable, they also have a practical use. Backpacks offer you an expandable storage to carry your everyday belongings or whatever you need to explore outside.

When it comes to sustainable backpacks, you can look for bags made from recycled materials like cloth or even plastic bottles. The following Top 5 includes backpacks that use different strategies to be a greener product. All our bags are sustainable, ethically made, and have a longer life cycle, but we want to highlight these 5 because we believe they are perfect for this season!

1. Yoho Roll-over backpack / 19.4L

2. WUUL backpack / 13L

3. Pilot backpack / 18.6L

4. Urban Naroy Fanny Pack / 2.8L

5. Carryon Romeo backpack / 18L

Yoho Roll-over / 19.4L

YOHO backpack is a favourite in our family. Its roll-over top design makes packing super quick thanks to their large, expandable top openings. Likewise, roll tops provide an extra layer of protection compared to clinch-top or zipper closures found on other backpacks.

Nonetheless, Yoho’s protections do not end there because it also has a padded interior to protect your laptop and belongings at all times, just like we help to protect nature by using recycled materials for its manufacturing.

Yoho is also adaptable like living beings. This model design allows you to adjust the volume to suit your load. You do not need to carry extra weight when it is not necessary. It also boasts an incredible internal organization, this allows you to neatly store your belongings and find everything faster when you need it.

2. WUUL Backpack / 13L

Wuul manufacturing process is based on three principles: functionality, simplicity, and time-honoring.

This backpack is ample and has two compartments to divide your belongings in any way you want. The two side pockets are also pretty practical because they allow you to storage things that you need to grab quickly and on the go, like a water bottle or a snack. However, Wuul’s practicality does not end there. It has a secret security pocket to storage your important documents, cards, or storage devices.

This classic backpack does not forget its roots by having a traditional design highlighted by our reflective logo and a stunning totem webbing reminiscent of our common nature. Nonetheless, it is also adapted to the modern era by incorporating functionality and simplicity while employing recycled fabric in its manufacturing. Truly an example of the perfect combination between tradition and innovation.

3. Pilot / 18.6L

The next one in the top is also a traditionally designed one. The Pilot is perfect for students that want to have a vintage designed who also takes into account modern sensibilities. Its beautiful colour ocean blue will catch the attention of many onlookers, while its material reassures you that it will be long-lasting and durable. You can think of this as the backpack growing with you in your adventures, experiences, and learning.

Pilot’s design is also pretty practical since it is designed to have 1 main compartment, 2 zippered front pockets, 2 side pockets and 1 secret security pocket on its back panel to protect your confidential belongings. Last, but not least, our recycled fabric reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases our dependence on fossil fuels as a source of energy and materials. The Pilot has its roots in the past, but is future-proof and sustainable at the same time.

4. Urban Naroy Fanny Pack / 2.8L

Even if it has its detractors, the fanny pack (also known as waist pack, bum bag, lumbar bag, or belt bag) is a valuable and practical gear for outdoors and everyday travel. This bag is small, but its design allows us to carry a lot of essential stuff, like our phones, wallets, keys, other equipment, or even a snack. The Urban-Naroy shines the most in activities that require minimal setups like day hikes, mountain and city biking, fly-fishing, but is also pretty useful under any other situation where you need extra room for storage. Of course, fanny bags used to be associated with the image of tourists all around the world, but nowadays, it has become a fashionable, useful, and sometimes essential equipment for the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and the general crowd. Additionally, our Urban-Naroy boasts a generous 3L capacity, while being made of waterproof and recycled fabric that keeps all your items dry even in the most unmerciful weather. Truly, fanny packs must not be underestimated.

5. Carryon Romeo / 18L

Our number five is our dearly and reliable Carryon Romeo. Built strong and durable like a canoe pack, but in a smaller format, this backpack provides you with a traditional design, utility, and function for any kind of activity.

Nonetheless, do not believe that the Carryon is a miniature backpack, this is Inuk’s straight up large book pack. It is durable, reliable, and safe. In other words, it is a practical and versatile bag that will bear years of use and abuse.
Its standard and classic design is also called “box-style”. Nonetheless, there is nothing dull about its design and beautiful colours. Do not miss the opportunity to catch this model, since we have only a few left. Embrace tradition while innovating in your everyday life, journeys, and experiences.

There you have it, you are now equipped with some solid advice and knowledge when it comes to choose some eco-friendly backpacks.

Our planet is pretty special. We all want to protect it, and this means we all have the responsibility of creating and using products and objects that have as little negative impact as possible on the environment.

It takes effort and awareness to look for brands and products that are doing the right thing for our planet and our general wellness and quality of life. Fortunately, the fashion and outdoor industries are starting to move towards more sustainable backpacks and eco-friendly options. This is definitely a good signal, but we must continue working together to help Earth, nature, and remember our common nature.

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