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Double the Life of Your InukBags and Help the Planet!

Double the Life of Your InukBags and Help the Planet!

Caring for your bag will extend its lifecycle and protect your investment. All bags will last for longer if you give them maintenance and love, but having a backpack made with recycled and sustainable materials guarantees that your green impact will be doubled! You will break the manufacturing cycle of new goods and help in the efforts to recycle plastics that could have ended in our oceans or landfills. Helping the planet while offering the highest quality is part of our #CommonNature.
Yes, taking care of your bag has an eco-friendly impact. But why is that? Because as long as you have your backpack with you in proper conditions, there will be no need to get new one. This breaks the chain of consumption of new goods and reduces your carbon footprint. If that wasn’t enough, you will also reduce the global waste that ends in landfills!
That arises the question: what can we do to keep our bags as good as the day we got them? Is it as easy as washing them and let them dry? Well, yes, and no. That is why we used our years of experience in outdoor adventuring to come with a series of tips that can help you to preserve your bag out in the wild, or in an urban environment.
  1. Wash It Only When Necessary


Most of our bags are sturdy enough to handle all the daily wear and tear you may throw on them. It is likely you will only need to give it a deep clean after you see a noticeable blemish. Remember that each washing reduces the life of its fabrics. So, clean them only when you think that their great design has lost some of its brightness or the smells or your past adventures start to show. Also, you get another green benefit since you will be saving water and energy!


  1. Store Your Backpack With the Back Side Facing Up


The back-padding and shoulder belt of your backpack are fundamental parts that absorb friction and impact since they are in constant contact with your body. If those parts get damaged or are not good enough, your back and shoulders will start to get sore and perhaps even cause an injury in the long term! Thus, the correct way to store your bag is with its front face lying on the floor, wall, or tent.



  1. Respect Its Weight Capacity


Serious and durable backpacks will always state its capacity. This helps you find the perfect model for you, but also protects the backpack from falling apart. Think about it this way: Buy it nice, or buy it twice! Most bags get ruined because the fabric get stretched due to carrying more than they can. Thus, it is important to select the right size and learn skills to take advantage of all the space available.


  1. Their Shoulder Straps Are Not Necessarily Handles


A great backpack has a lot of thought behind it. It does not only need to be made of durable and light materials, but the design also needs to be functional and fashionable at the same time (One of our design principles at InukBags). Yet, something that never crosses the mind of bags designers is someone carrying them from its shoulder straps. They are not designed to lift the rest of the backpack and will get damaged if you carry your backpack like that.


  1. Let It Dry


We have come full circle, eh? Turns out, washing backpacks and getting them dry are fundamental parts of taking care of them. Yet, we cannot emphasize enough that you should never clean your bag in a washing machine or dry it inside a dryer. After handwashing it, you should hang the bag to dry indoors or under the shade, not directly under the Sun because its UV light can deteriorate the fabric over time.
Taking care of your backpack is easy, but these tips can extend their lifecycle without much work or super expensive products. Your money should go towards buying a durable and high-quality bag. Remember: Buy once, cry once. Also, by using goods with an extended active life, you will reduce the environmental impact of that commodity. You can even double your eco-friendliness by choosing a bag made with recycled materials!
By following these tips, you will help to reduce water pollution, land contamination, and shorten your carbon footprint. Yet, as if that were not enough, you will keep the bag you love and cherish with you for longer. So, remember our #CommonNature and take care of your bag to care for our planet!


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